Saturday, April 28, 2012


There are a couple of 10 minute videos here about Sylvia's experience at Maker Faire .
Give them a watch.  What do they make you think?
I got to her website because of a link about "squishy circuits" like the ones we made.

Several thoughts run through my mind.  I wish every student had a website with their own videos of how to do something they enjoyed.  I think we need to make more things.  I want to go to Maker Faire (original one is in California every May, but one will be in Michigan July 28 & 29...only 3 hour drive & $50 for both days).  Could/should we do a Maker Faire Buckeye and keep a "science fair" slant?  How can we connect more with the Elementary school to promote science and exploration?

I have read a few issues of Make magazine (some of the things we have done came from them) and think about subscribing so we always have the latest to prime our thoughts on things to make & explore.  They have a pretty good website, but not everything from the mag goes on the website. They have a "School's Out" issue coming up the end of May!  You can always go to a bookstore & read it there (I do that sometimes).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012